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Please click on Print this Form, supply the following information and return with a check or money order payable to Illinois Traction Society. If you would, please indicate how you learned of the Illinois Traction Society:
NAME: ___________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________________

CITY: ____________________________  STATE: _____  ZIP: _______

TELEPHONE NUMBER: _______ - _______ - _____________________

EMAIL ADDRESS: __________________________________________

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MEMBERSHIP DUES:  Check your membership preference:
(Classification of membership will be kept confidential and will not affect the services received)

___ $25.00 Regular Membership
___ $35.00 Contributing Membership
          (Contributing includes a $10.00 tax deductible charitable contribution)
___ $20.00 Retired or Financially Handicapped
___ $50.00 Corporate

Please send your completed application with a check or money order made payable to Illinois Traction Society to:

ITS Membership Services
P.O. Box 138
Bucklin, MO 64631-0138

"THE SENIORITY ROSTER" is a listing of the members of the Illinois Traction Society. It is published once a year solely for the use of its members. It is not intended or permitted to be used for a mailing list.  If you do NOT wish to be listed, please indicate your preference to opt out below.  Please note: If left unmarked, your listingWILL be published.

__  Please omit me from the ITS "Seniority Roster"
__  Please publish only my name in the ITS "Seniority Roster"
__  Please publish only my name, city, and state in the ITS "Seniority Roster"               

Upon receipt of dues, each member will be issued their Illinois Traction Society Membership card bearing member name and "position" within the organization.  This might be the job you actually held while employed by the IT; or the job you would have liked to have had!  Please check your one favorite from the following list of positions:


___ Motorman
___ Engineer
___ Fireman
___ Hostler
___ Conductor
___ Brakeman
___ Flagman
___ Operator
___ Bus Driver
___ Ticket Agent
___ City Passenger Agent 
___ Baggage Clerk
___ Chief Clerk
___ Yard Clerk
___ Janitor
___ Steno Clerk
___ Train Dispatcher
___ Yardmaster
___ Red Cap / Mail Handle


___ Car Inspector
___ Utility Carman
___ Car Foreman
___ Machinist
___ Electrician
___ Sheet Metal Worker
___ Boilermaker
___ Blacksmith
___ Air Brakeman
___ Car Painter
___ Millwright
___ Shop Laborer 
___ Coach Cleaner


___  ________________________


___ Section Foreman 
___ Section Laborer
___ Track Machine Operator
___ B&B Foreman
___ B&B Carpenter


___ Line Foreman
___ Lineman
___ Electrician
___ Signal Maintainer
___ Substation Maintainer

Not Affiliated with the Norfolk Southern Corporation.     Illinois Traction Society is a 501c3 Charitable Organization.

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