Illinois Traction Society

The Illinois Traction Society is a non-profit organization striving to preserve the history of the Illinois Traction System and Illinois Terminal Railroad for historians, modelers, and the railfans of today and tomorrow.  The Illinois Traction Society provides the following services to meet this goal:

  • The Flyer  -Our bi-yearly magazine, published in the Spring and Fall, documents the history of the name sake railroads and their predecessors.  It presents pertinent information for the historian, modeler, and railfan.
  • The Phone Booth  -Our bi-yearly newsletter, printed in the Summer and Winter; updates current events within society; current models on the market; buy, sell, trade, and want ads; and the current status of historic Illinois Terminal landmarks.
  • The Annual Meeting  -Held in the Spring, at various sites throughout the historic traction system, consists of swap meet, clinics, an evening dinner and program, and a “State of the Society Report,” which outlines the current status of the society.
  • The Monthly Wall Calendar  -12 month wall calendar featuring 15 scenes of select electric, diesel, and steam operations, system-wide.
  • The Seniority Roster   -A roster of the Illinois Traction Society members.
  • The Special Agent  -Our specialized service offered to members who have questions or inquires about the history of our namesake railroad.  Very useful to the serious researcher and the curious railfan alike.
  • Special Offers to Members  -Includes discounts to members for products produced by the Society.

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