Are you interested in joining the Illinois Traction Society?  We'd love to welcome you and joining is easy!

Membership includes a subscription to The Flyer, the Society's semiannual magazine and many other benefits.

Membership dues are based on the calendar year and are available in three categories: Regular $25.00, Sustaining $35.00, and Retired or Financially Handicapped $20.00.

Note: The membership begins with the Spring issue in the year in which you subscribe. If you join the Illinois Traction Society after the Spring issue of The Flyer for that year has been released, it will be mailed to you upon receipt of your membership dues and completed application.

To join the Illinois Traction Society and subscribe to The Flyer, simply follow these easy steps:

Print out one of two order forms. It is available in either Adobe Acrobat PDF format or HTML format. (If you need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader, Click here.)

Fill out the form completely according to your interests and wishes.

Verify your address and the type of Membership you would like.

Make your check or money order payable to the Illinois Traction Society, enclose it with your completed Membership form, and send it to:

ITS Membership Services
P. O. Box 138
Bucklin, MO 64631-0138

Please remember to include your e-mail address along with your name and address on whichever order form (Acrobat PDF or HTML format) you choose to subscribe with. That way, if we need to contact you about your membership, we can quickly email you.

We look forward to your joining us in the preservation of the history of this great railroad!


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